Are YOU at the Heart of the #55Appeal

Sutton Night Watch are working hard from our premises in Manor Road, Wallington during these unprecedented times. We are still supporting the homeless and vulnerable within the borough of Sutton and surrounds. In fact, we have been supporting more people than anybody could have predicted.

We opened these premises in February 2020, with the support of local businesses and volunteers, with the intention of providing a safe, secure place for people to come for clothes, food, washing facilities and a friendly face who would assist with things such as benefits, housing, further services support.

This changed rapidly towards the end of March as the Coronavirus pandemic hit & we had to amend our way of working, so we could continue to support people who need us, without contravening the government social distancing guidelines.

We have managed this, far better than we expected, thanks to the dedication of our amazing network & some fabulous small businesses who have supported us as we have been supporting 30 to 40 people each day we are open, supplying those in need with hot meals, care packages & essential items. We have also been donating time & goods to fellow charities & groups in the Surrey area who are struggling.

However we still have bills to pay & sadly our usual fundraising streams were of course affected –  amazing community events such as bag-packing, fetes & street stalls have been completely depleted due to the lockdown so we are a little nervous going forward.

At the beginning of the year Sutton Night Watch launched the #55Appeal which was an initiative to enable us to continue growing & supporting our service users. Now we are hopeful it will be the thing that saves us & allows us to continue to do what we do onwards, after the Lockdown & through 2020 & beyond.

The #55Appeal allows people / businesses to support Sutton Night Watch, with a small outlay that has a BIG effect!

The #55Appeal is an initiative set up by Sutton Night Watch which we believe will help us achieve, meet and exceed our goals

Please can YOU support us with just a £5 donation (weekly, monthly or annually)?

The 55 element will be that the donation amount is pledged for 5 years if you can.

We are also approaching businesses within the London Borough of Sutton & surrounds to support our appeal with a £55 donation (weekly, monthly or annually) again over a 5 year pledge.

In return we will gratefully recognise them as supporters of our charity both online, in marketing materials and at our events.

This money will be earmarked for the following:-

  • To help the homeless and vulnerable people of Sutton by supporting them holistically on a full-time basis at our very own service centre once the Lockdown has eased.
  • Provide experienced supporters to signpost our service users to the correct services available, supporting them on a one-to-one basis with all documentation that is required to avail of each service.
  • To give our service users a safe place to come in during the day where they can get food, clothes and washing facilities.
  • Provide fast internet access to support them with job applications and looking for accommodation.
  • Providing educational services such as basic English and Maths classes.
  • Mentor our service users back into society again.

You can find out more from or Click Here – #55Appeal