Support Programmes

Sutton Night Watch Homeless Charity are passionate about providing a holistic approach to dealing with the many reasons behind homelessness in the UK. We have produced several programmes which are entirely open to our service users.

The first of these are “The Empowering Live’s Project” and “The Positive Steps Programme”

These programmes are designed to help empower you and help you to build a meaningful and satisfying life.


Positive Steps Programme

Are you, or someone you know struggling with alcohol/substance dependency?  We understand that the road to recovery can be tough.   If you are looking for extra support around your recovery, then we can help!

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Empowering Lives Project

Empowering Lives to change for the better.

Do you need support with social interaction?  Are you looking to learn a new life skill?

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Do you have a problem with drugs or alcohol? Recovery Matters is an 8 week course based on topics that help you to live life in sobriety.

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Through these reflective sessions, individuals discover inner peace, reduce stress, and cultivate mental clarity, fostering an enhanced emotional well-being.

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With a compassionate focus on nurturing individual resilience, our mindfulness and wellbeing programme empowers those in need to find solace and strength within themselves.

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We engage in heartfelt conversations, empowering our community to unlock their potential and discover the determination needed to create positive change.

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Art therapy activities have been proven to be effective in supporting those struggling with mental health problems. Releasing stress through art helps to fight anxiety, depression, or emotional trauma by engaging the creative mind.

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With a gentle and encouraging approach, our yoga sessions at Sutton Night Watch support physical and emotional wellbeing, allowing individuals to find balance and peace in their lives.

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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold – turning flaws into something beautiful. We offer these classes for participants who want to explore their emotions, build resilience and find hope for the future.

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Through practical guidance and empathy, our money management programme equips community members with the tools to take control of their finances and pave the way for a more secure future.

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Not only will you learn culinary skills but also how to create nourishing meals on a budget

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It’s simple to refer yourself or someone to our accessible counselling sessions. Online referral forms are available. Just a few quick questions must be answered, along with your availability to begin.

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    Sutton Night Watch rely heavily on donations to keep the service going & is very grateful for everything we receive. Here you will find all the ways you can give from as little as £1.