During the February 2021 Half term, Sutton Night Watch invited local children (via schools, nurseries, friends & family) to take part in the


This was an opportunity for a child / children to BEDDOWN & create their sleeping area in a totally different place than their bedroom.

It could have been a “den” or “fort”, in the bath, on the sofa or anywhere they were happy to try.

Why did we create the #SNWBEDDOWN event?

Of course there was an important side to this..

We were hopeful this idea would lead to a small conversation with  children about people who do not have beds, those who have to create dens / sleep in odd places as they are homeless.

We know that a little awareness at a young age goes a long long way & this makes a huge difference to homeless people.

We would like to send huge thank you’s out to everyone who took part, especially the local Schools, such as Hackbridge primary school, who embraced this event & have encouraged the pupils to get involved.

All children who took part received a certificate of thanks from the Sutton Night Watch directors.

All children who took part also received “Thank You” gifts, provided by generous donations to SNW & some from local celebrity fundraising football team

Thank you all so much for taking part & please look out for more fun ways ALL THE COMMUNITY can get involved to help support us as we support others