Meet Our Cooks

Volunteering to help cook and serve a meal for those in need is one of the most wonderful things a person can do.

Few things Sutton Night Watch offer as a service,  do as much immediate good or offer such a meaningful, personal experience as serving a meal to someone who needs it.

Our amazing volunteers cooks prepare, cook and serve thousands of delicious meals for our service users each year. They are truly appreciated by Sutton Night Watch and we are sure, by those they serve.

We believe that food from the community, donated by kindness and prepared with love by our volunteers offers the message that the community really does care and they want to support those who are in need.

With this in mind we would also like to offer up a huge “Thank You”  to the very generous small businesses and individuals who keep us going by donating food items.

Especially during the winter months when the local schools get involved with some amazing Harvest Festival gatherings. (these will be showcased on our social media very soon).

How can you get involved?

Its not all about food – as the needs of the homeless and vulnerable in our area has changed we are also on the lookout for other items that support our service users into accommodation, work and the pathway to a better life.

We have an updated list of needs on our social media & outside our premises every week, please keep an eye on there.

BUT again, THANK YOU to the amazing volunteer cooks who do the magic in the kitchen week in week out for those who need the comfort of a hot meal.

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