National Lottery Community Funding

Sutton Night Watch are delighted to announce that we have received a sizeable grant from The National Lottery Community Fund.

This amazing grant will also allow us to be more flexible in the kinds of outreach support we can offer those who are vulnerable.  It will be also be used to strengthen the vital work that is already being achieved.

The grant from The National Lottery Community Fund will enable us to create and implement specialist, social welfare and well-being projects. (You can find out more about these by clicking HERE).

As well as will supporting Sutton Night Watch us into the future as we continue to provide vital support services to those affected by homelessness, it will also support us with the day to day running costs associated with a very busy charity.

Thank you to everyone supporting Sutton Night Watch & of course playing the lottery!

The National Lottery Community Fund

Find out more about the National Lottery Community Fund by clicking the image below.