Reunited – A Good News Story from SNW

Sutton Night Watch recently had a young man come in, carrying some belongings and a duvet, asking for some help as he was alone, on the streets and not from this area.

Our service quickly swung into action, providing hot food and drink, along with a new sleeping bag & some clothing but most importantly we sat with him and asked how he came to be in an unfamiliar place, with only a few items.

It became very clear, very quickly, this young man had journeyed a long way from his home, carrying a large amount of money, without any plans of what to do. He also explained he had a relationship at home with his family which he valued, but his mental health & vulnerability meant he made choices that were not always in his own best interest.

After a long talk with us at the centre, we saw him on his way with a full stomach, listened to and with new clothes and sleeping bag. He also had our strong advice to go home and talk to his family…

A few days ago, our CEO Lisa received a call from a lady to say, she was this young mans mother and the support he had received at the shelter had set him on a pathway towards going home.

His mum was incredibly happy to see her son and was very grateful to us for the help we had provided.

Everyone at Sutton Night Watch is very happy we could be a part of enabling this son and mother to be reunited.