The Crisp Packet Project

Last week, our Fathers Day Stall had a visit from Gina from “The Crisp Packet Project”.

The Crisp Packet Project is a non-profit, community interest company which gives extra life to one use plastics.

Using their special magic they recycle crisp packets making survival items.

The CPP wants to help more people such as those in education, the health sector, outreach charities, recycling projects and environmental projects plus as many different organisations and communities as they can. They also want to get their ideas and products to more areas to spread awareness and to educate on the benefits of using one use plastics to support vulnerable communities.

The project provided Sutton Night Watch with several ruck sacks containing a variety of recycled items such as a takeaway container and hand knitted items.

As many items as possible that they provide have been recycled or have been donated, such as the knitted items.

The project also supplied blankets, cushions, dog beds and matting weaved from plastic carrier bags.

We thank Gina and the CPP for also supplying a couple of samples of amazing one off craft items.

Look out for more like these at our monthly fundraising stall in the future!